Weeks 2 and 3 – Sponsor Update 2016

Hi Everyone!

For the past two weeks we have been prototyping and beginning to build the actual robot as well as revising our plan for shooting. The electrical team has built a pseudo electronics system on a board of wood to allow the new electrical members to learn about the components of the robot and to allow the programmers to test code. The programming team has been learning about sensors and has successfully written basic code. We hope to have the chassis built by the end of the weekend. The new prototype of our shooter should be finished today so we can start building the real one.

Along with all the progress made on the robot, we gained three new mentors in the past two weeks. Alex and Chris are mechanical engineers, and Amber is an electrical engineer. They joined our amazing mentors Sebastian, Kurt, Becki, George, Kerry, and John, and we are so happy to have them. Their skills and knowledge are helping us learn so many cool things. We couldn’t do it without our mentors.

Can’t believe we’re already half way through build season! Be looking for information about our robot debut on February 21st.