Week 4 Update 2017

Hey Everyone!

This week, we pretty much finished wiring and building the robot. We have tested our climbing mechanism and can successfully reach the top of the rope. We have added a locking mechanism to stop the robot from slipping back down the rope, and we hope to test this mechanism later today.

We discovered a problem with our four-wheel drive train that doesn’t allow the robot to turn with a small turning radius without brownout issues. To fix these issues, we are going to replace two of the wheels with omni-directional wheels. These wheels provide low friction, so the original two wheels will stay still and the end with the omni wheels will rotate around them when turning. We will be implementing these wheels on Wednesday when they arrive.
On Tuesday, we should be getting parts for our encoders, so we can make sure the gear chute and trapdoor work then. In the meantime, we are creating bumpers and continuing to fine-tune the winch for optimized climbing.

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