Weeks 5 and 6 Update and Bag and Tag 2017

Hey everyone!

We’ve made it through build season with a functioning robot ready for competition! It’s been a great season, and everyone has had a lot of fun. We bagged and tagged the robot yesterday night (put it in a giant bag and zip-tied it shut so we can’t work on it until competition), and we are all very proud of it.

In the last two weeks of build season, we had a lot to do to get ready for Bag and Tag and competition. The winch broke for the third time, so we made it stronger using metal instead of plastic, and we made it lighter for easier climbing. We also installed a passive brake so we can stay at the top of the rope without using any power.

We also did clean up such as making sure all the bolts were tightened down and all the wires were neat. We made sure we were using the right type of rope for optimized climbing, and we fixed up the gear chute so it doesn’t come out if we hit it with the peg when delivering gears.

Additionally, we picked a drive team to run the robot at competition. We are allowed to have up to two drivers, a drive coach to direct the drivers, and two human players to interact with the field elements. Our drivers are Wendy and Matt O., our drive coach is Matt L, and our human players are Sidney and Si Chiang. We had more time to practice driving this year than we have had in previous years, so we are doing well in terms of game strategy and possible point-scoring.

We hope to see you at competition in Sacramento at UC Davis March 24th and 25th!