Week 2 Update 2020

Hey everyone!

We’ve just finished the second week of build season, and we’re further along than we’ve ever been at this time! The chassis is halfway completed, and we have prototyped our intake/storage and shooter systems for fuel cell manipulation. Frame for the actual shooter is also under construction. The climbing group is working out issues in a prototype for our mechanism to place a hook on the switch rung.


The ECP group (Electronics, Controls, and Programming) has begun a pseudobot with all the base electronics to practice wiring and test coding on.


In the coming week, we hope to begin building in earnest and start putting the robot together. We’ve also started thinking about spirit and Star-Wars themed accessories that we can add to our robot, pit, and drive team outfits, so expect a lot of cool things in the future!

As always, our meetings are open for anyone to visit, and you can email us for any inquiries, build season related or otherwise, at fyre5480@gmail.com.