Hello everyone,

FIRST just released an announcement about the passing of Dr. Woodie Flowers. We are incredibly sad to hear about this as he has been a great inspiration to all of us over our years in FIRST. He will be missed, and we will remember his amazing contributions to the engineering and FIRST communities.


“Competition for the sake not of destroying one another, but for the sake of bettering and improving both competitors as a result of the competition.” Woodie Flowers


2020 Game Teaser

Hey everyone!

Earlier this week, FIRST released the teaser video for next year’s game to kick of the start of the pre-2020 offseason. Watch it below:

What do you think the game is going to be like this year? We’re super excited to see what happens this next year and hope you are too!
Please contact us (info on the Schedule/Contact Us page) about meetings for the rest of 2019 if you are interested in joining or supporting the team as we prepare for the 2020 season.



Hey everyone!

Last week we went to the Sacramento Regional at UC Davis. We took the train over the mountains on Wednesday, and we stayed until the end of the competition Saturday evening. Although we didn’t place very high or make it into the playoffs, we had a great time, played some good matches, and learned a lot! It was also great competing along with our sister teams, ICE Cubed, Dust Devils, and RoboHawks as well as all the teams we met at competition from outside Nevada.

Below are pictures from competition and links to videos of some of our matches.

The drive team:                                                             Umlilo:

Working in the pit:                                                        Cheering:

(Almost) the whole team after competition:

Qualification 18: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEBvb3OgBNE&t=4s

Qualification 31: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5OSVEqPRcs

Qualification 87: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxT2aSXvN0k

We’re all tired out but excited to continue growing and try new things with our team and robot in the offseason. Keep a lookout for news about meetings and events coming up. Here’s another great year of robotics coming to a close!


Stop Build Day Update

Hey everyone!

We made it through another build season and the last Bag-and-Tag (FIRST is removing Stop Build Day for next year)! In the last week we finished building the robot, but we had to make some difficult decisions about weight, functionality, and practice time and ended up removing our climbing mechanism. We may replace it at competition if things work out during practice matches. Otherwise, our lift and hatch panel/cargo mechanisms largely work well, and we got a few days of practicing for the drive team at the end. Our debut also went over well with a large reception and successful driving. We’re now taking a bit of time off before we launch into competition preparations. Be on the lookout for occasional updates from now on, and if nothing happens, we’ll see you at competition on March 20th.

Here are some pictures from the end of build season:


Week 5 Update

Hey everyone!

After another week of hard work, we can successfully complete all of our base goals: to drive, deliver hatch panels to the lowest level, shoot the cargo into the lowest level, and drive off of the second level platform at the beginning of the match.

We will be having a debut to display our robot and present our work this season to the public on Sunday the 17th at 5:00 PM at The Generator. We encourage everyone to come, and it is open to the public. Refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there!


Week 4 Update

Hey everyone!

As we move into the end of build season and things get busier, we are working on finishing the robot and testing the programming with the hopes of beginning to practice driving in the next week. All of the mechanisms are far underway, and we have started with their attachment as well as the electronics attachment and programming testing.
A team member working on the lift and hatch panel/cargo mechanism:

The drawer shelves for electronics:

You can still come visit us during meetings, but we will be moving to The Generator this Wednesday to begin practicing, so please find us there if you are interested.


Week 1 Update

Hey everyone!

We’ve made it through week one of build season! So far, FYRE has an overall robot design planned out to deliver hatch panels and cargo and climb the steps of the habitat platform. We have begun assembling the chassis and are now pinning down details for our mechanisms.

We also went out ice skating with Robohawks, a new FRC team at Hug High, and ICE Cubed, our sister team from Fernley, and had a great time.

Looking forward to more awesome build season,

Kickoff and Game Reveal

Hey everyone!

Happy kickoff! This morning at 7:00, FYRE and the three other Northern Nevada teams, two of whom are rookies this year, sat down to watch the kickoff broadcast from New Hampshire and found out our challenge for the next six weeks. Destination: Deep Space looks like a great game, and after a day of reading the game manual and discussing strategy, we’re ready to dive into build season.

You can watch the game animation here to see what we have to build a robot for:

Feel free to visit us at any point during the build season if you’re interested in checking out what we do. Our full meeting schedule and location is on the Schedule/Contact Us page. You can also follow our build season on our Instagram and Facebook pages; links are also on the Schedule/Contact Us page.

Here’s to a great build season!


Hi everyone!

A huge thank you to all who came out to Barnes and Noble this weekend for our book fair. It went pretty well, and we’d like to continue this success. For those of you who didn’t make it, don’t forget that you can still support us with online purchases until Thursday the 22nd. All you need is the special code: 12436135